P.R.C's History

Pacific Reman Centre is a Division of Vulcan Automotive Equipment Ltd and is a 100% Canadian owned company. It had its earliest beginnings as a bicycle sales and service shop in the early 1900’s by the Begg Brothers. From the trade-in and sale of their first automobile, the brothers went on to form the Begg Motor Company.

The Begg Brothers started selling Cadillac and other vehicles but later changed to carry the sole line of Chrysler vehicles in the early twenties. They formed an agreement with Chrysler Canada to use their large warehouse facilities to be the western Canada warehouse distribution center until the first western Chrysler warehouse was built on Marine drive in Vancouver

After the termination of the warehouse agreement, in 1945 Begg Motor Co. was made the B.C. Chrysler Authorized Remanufactured parts supplier for production and distribution of remanufactured products through the B.C. Chrysler dealers group. This new part of the Begg Company’s operations was called Pacific Remanufacturing Centre.

In 1969 Begg Motors amalgamated with the Alberta Chrysler Authorized Remanufacturer (Freeman & Wilson) to form Concord Industries, and was bought out in 1976 by Vulcan Automotive who was the Ford Authorized Remanufacturer for B.C. since 1954.

Under this new remanufacturing agreement, the Chrysler sales and distribution was kept separate from the Ford side by creating a separate division of Vulcan Automotive called “Pacific Reman Centre”.

In 1989 Vulcan Automotive also became the G.M. Authorized Remanufactured supplier (GMX Pacific) to the G.M. dealers of B.C. This meant that with its three divisions, Vulcan had the production and sales rights to supply all three O.E.M. dealership groups. However in 1998 G.M. dissolved its agreements with the Canadian Remanufacturers and shortly after Ford and Chrysler followed suit.

Vulcan Automotive

Since the end of the O.E.M. sales contracts, Pacific Reman Centre has been able to open its sales to all areas of the automotive market across Canada, and today along with its sister company (Industrial Engines Ltd), is recognized internationally as a “Quality Remanufacturing Facility”.

Industrial Engines Limited

From our humble beginnings, to today’s quality trained staff and a remanufacturing facility featuring state of the art equipment and technical advancements in machining, we are here to provide the best quality remanufactured products and service to our customers.